Revolutionary Past ... Revolutionary Future

Rutgers–New Brunswick Strategic Plan 2015–2020

StratPlan-covers-NB.jpgOn December 9, 2014, Chancellor Richard L. Edwards presented the Rutgers University–New Brunswick Strategic Plan, entitled Revolutionary Past … Revolutionary Future, to the Academic and Student Affairs Committee of the Rutgers University Board of Governors. Following approval, the document was shared with the Rutgers community.

Beginning in January of 2015, the plan’s 60+ initiatives were reviewed, and individuals with relevant expertise were charged with overseeing implementation. Meetings with initiators of selected proposals began soon after to review and agree upon budget and next steps. Work began on 32 initiatives during the spring of 2015; seven more initiatives were begun during the summer; and more than 20 initiatives will launch in the fall. 

This report provides status updates on the initiatives selected to guide Rutgers–New Brunswick as it solidifies its position among the nation’s leading public research universities—preeminent in research, excellent in teaching, and committed to community.