About the New Brunswick Strategic Plan

Rutgers University–New Brunswick, the oldest and largest campus of Rutgers, The State University, takes pride in its standing as a member of the Association of American Universities and the Big Ten conference and its ranking among the finest public universities in the world. Rutgers–New Brunswick is fully committed to the findings and recommendations of the University Strategic Plan enacted in 2014, and through a subsequent process has developed its own complementary five-year strategic plan, titled Revolutionary Past … Revolutionary Future. As stated in the plan, Rutgers – New Brunswick seeks to provide (and to be widely recognized for providing) both a research-rich academic environment, marked by faculty excellence and community engagement, and a meaningful and satisfying student experience facilitated by high-quality classroom instruction and academic and support services.

The plan identifies five critical priorities on which to focus in order to leverage our strengths and achieve our aspirations:  (1) strengthening our academic core; (2) building faculty and staff excellence; (3) transforming the student experience; (4) advancing our inclusive, diverse, and cohesive culture; and (5) enhancing our public prominence.  We will pursue a number of projects to strengthen our efforts within each of these priorities, and will also implement several other initiatives tied to the five integrating themes identified in the University Strategic Plan. 

Two New Brunswick-wide initiatives will inform all of these projects and initiatives:

  • a web-based New Brunswick Academic Portal to serve as a “table of contents” for Rutgers–New Brunswick, and
  • The Task Force on the Future of Rutgers University–New Brunswick, which will recommend short-term tactics to address immediate problems and develop a long-term vision of how we can take full advantage of our assets to embrace new structures, technologies, teaching methodologies, funding models, and research and outreach opportunities to become a leading-edge 21st century university.

The Strategic Planning Process

Upon the Rutgers Board of Governors’ approval of a new University Strategic Plan in February 2014, President Barchi directed the respective chancellors to develop strategic plans for Rutgers University–Camden, Rutgers University–Newark, Rutgers University–New Brunswick, and Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences, using the university plan as a foundation. Seeking a community-driven process, Chancellor Edwards formed a coordinating committee of more than 50 individuals and called upon New Brunswick faculty, staff, and students to propose cross-cutting projects that address the priorities identified in the University Strategic Plan. He also held six town hall meetings to gather ideas. After the coordinating committee reviewed and commented upon the more than 130 project proposals received, the Chancellor’s Office prepared a draft strategic plan and shared it with the New Brunswick community in September 2014. Carefully reviewing the substantial feedback received by e-mail and at a public meeting in late September, the Chancellor’s Office produced a significantly revised and improved final plan reflecting the input and feedback of faculty, staff, and students. Chancellor Edwards presented the final plan to the Board of Governors' Academic and Student Affairs Committee in December 2014.