Developing a Strategic Plan for the New Brunswick Campus

February 26, 2014

Members of the New Brunswick Campus Community:

As you know, the Rutgers Board of Governors has approved a new University Strategic Plan, and President Barchi has announced a set of initiatives to begin implementing that plan.  Both documents are available at, and I encourage you to read them.

The next step is equally important for the future of the university: the respective chancellors will now develop strategic plans for their campuses and for RBHS, using the university plan as a foundation. I hope to have your help over the next several months as we create our plan for New Brunswick.

During our process, I want to provide opportunities for substantive input from New Brunswick faculty, staff, and students and will solicit that input through a series of campus meetings which will be announced shortly and through a strategic planning website.

We will encourage the submission of specific proposals for potential New Brunswick projects that address the strategic priorities, foundational elements, and integrating themes identified in the University Strategic Plan. These projects will need to be cross-cutting, and to serve the greater good of all of New Brunswick, as distinct from the important goals and strategies to be identified and pursued by individual academic unit plans.

To lead the campus process, I have established a Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee composed of more than 50 faculty, staff, and students broadly representative of the New Brunswick community who will develop and review proposals and make recommendations for the final campus plan.  Attached is a roster of the Coordinating Committee, which held its first meeting this week. 

I will announce the schedule of campus meetings and will provide a link to the strategic planning website, including instructions on the proposal submission procedure.  I look forward to meeting with you and to your contributions to our campus strategic plan.

We have a great deal of work to do this semester, and I thank each of you for your willingness to engage seriously in this important endeavor.


Richard L. Edwards, Ph.D.

Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs

Chancellor (Interim), New Brunswick