Requesting Proposals for New Brunswick Strategic Plan

March 7, 2014

Members of the New Brunswick Campus Community:

As I recently announced, over the course of the next three months we will be developing a strategic plan to guide our efforts to advance the excellence of Rutgers University–New Brunswick.  President Barchi has asked each of the university’s four chancellors to develop a strategic plan for their part of Rutgers, using the university plan as a foundation.

The success of our effort in New Brunswick will depend on wide participation, and to that end, I will discuss strategic planning and seek input in various venues over the next several weeks.  These venues include but are not limited to the New Brunswick Faculty Council, the Rutgers University Student Assembly and other student government groups, the Deans Council, and the Academic Leadership Program.  I will also hold forums for students and staff.

Just as important as these informal discussions, I invite all faculty, staff, and students to consider submitting proposals for potential New Brunswick projects that address the areas of focus identified in the University Strategic Plan. 

Each project must:

  • Align with one or more of the strategic priorities, foundational elements, and integrating themes of the University Strategic Plan.
  • Be cross-cutting for New Brunswick, not simply housed in or enhancing a single unit.
  • Have the potential for significant impact and benefit for the New Brunswick Campus and Rutgers.
  • Leverage existing strengths or resources.
  • Require limited, or phased-in, financial resources.

A proposal submission form will be accessible from the New Brunswick Strategic Planning website that launches today. As we receive these documents, we will post them on the website to let you know what kinds of projects are being proposed. Each proposal will also be sent to the New Brunswick Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee to be studied by one of its eight subcommittees and then considered by the full committee. The most promising and achievable of these proposals will be incorporated into the draft strategic plan.

Even if you do not intend to submit a proposal, I hope you will visit the website and take part in our discussions. Once we have developed a draft strategic plan, we will post it on the site for review and comment by the New Brunswick Campus community before we prepare a final plan.

A strong and visionary strategic plan can be an enormous boost for our campus and for Rutgers as a whole. Thank you again for your willingness to engage seriously in this important endeavor.


Richard L. Edwards, Ph.D.
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Chancellor (Interim), New Brunswick