Submitted Proposals

Below appears a list of more than 130 proposals that were submitted for review by the New Brunswick Strategic Planning Coordinating Committee during spring 2014.

Multiple Topic Areas Selected

1. Envision Tomorrow’s University

2. Build Faculty Excellence

3. Transform the Student Experience

4. Enhance Our Public Prominence

5. Strong Core of Sciences and Humanities

6. Inclusive, Diverse and Cohesive Culture

7. Effective and Efficient Infrastructure and Staff

8. Financial Resources Sufficient to Fund Our Aspirations

9. Robust Shared Governance, Academic Freedom, and Effective Communication

No proposals were submitted

10. Cultures, Diversity and Inequality—Local and Global

11. Improving the Health and Wellness of Individuals and Populations

12. Creating a Sustainable World through Innovation, Engineering and Technology

13. Educating Involved Citizens and Effective Leaders for a Dynamic World

14. Creative Expression and the Human Experience

15. Measuring Progress and Defining Success